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Farakka Barrage Project

Farakka Barrage is located in Murshidabad and Malda districts of West Bengal at about 300 km North of Kolkata. It is one of the largest barrage of its kind in the country having a Feeder Canal for a flow of 40000 cusec (1135 cumec) whose bed width is wider than that of Suez Canal. The Feeder Canal originates in upstream at Right Bank of Farakka Barrage and outfalls into the Bhagirathi, right channel of the river Ganga at 40 km downstream of Farakka Barrage. Farakka Barrage Project is facilitating implementation of agreement on sharing of Ganga water between India and Bangladesh.FBP also ensures water supply for use of Thermal Power Plant operated by NTPC Ltd at Farakka (2100 MW) and West Bengal State Power Distribution Company at Sagardighi  (600 MW).

The Farakka Barrage Project has been assigned with the execution, operation & maintenance of the following principal components of the Project and other works:-

  • A 2245 metre long Barrage across the river Ganga with rail-cum-road bridge, necessary river training works and a Head Regulator on the right side bank.
  • A 213 metre long Barrage across the river Bhagirathi at Jangipur and Navigation Lock beside it.
  • Feeder Canal of 40,000 cusec (1135 cumec) carrying capacity and 38.38 km long, taking off from the Head Regulator on the right bank of the Farakka Barrage.
  • Navigation works such as locks, lock channels, shelter basins, control towers, navigation lights and other infrastructure.
  • 33.79 Km. long Left Afflux Bund of Farakka Barrage and 16.31 Km. long Left Afflux Bund of Jangipur Barrage.
  • Two road-cum-rail bridges and two road bridges across the Feeder Canal.
  • A number of Regulators at different locations in both Murshidabad and Malda Districts of West Bengal.
  • Bagmari Syphon at RD 48.0 of the Feeder Canal.
  • Anti-erosion protection work in the original jurisdiction of Farakka Barrage Project i.e. 12.5 Km from the Farakka Barrage in the upstream and 6.9 km from the Farakka Barrage in the downstream. 

Important Activities of Farakka Barrage

  1. Operation & Maintenance of
    • Farakka Barrage and Head Regulator
    • Feeder Canal
    • Jangipur Barrage
  2. Flood Protection Works
    • Maintenance of four Guide Bunds along both banks of Barrages at Farakka and Jangipur.
    • Maintenance of Afflux Bunds.
    • Left Afflux Bund with inspection road (34 km) along with several regulators across rivers at Pagla, Tutianala, Nimjala, Bhagirathi and Kalindri.
    • Right Afflux Bund (10 km)
    • Bank Protection Works upstream of Farakka Barrage for protection of river banks and embankments for protection of thickly populated villages and line of communication behind the embankment.
    • Flood protection work downstream of Farakka Barrage on both Bank.
  3. Maintenance of Farakka Barrage Project Township
    • Maintenance of Farakka township consisting of residential and Non-residential buildings at and two other townships at Jangipur (Ahiron) and Kejuriaghat.
    • Maintenance of Higher Secondary School.
    • Maintenance of Farakka Barrage Project Hospital.
  4. Ferry Services
    • Ferry service at different location of Feeder Canal/ Lock channel – for communication of villagers residing on either banks.
  5. Maintenance of PSC Road Bridge  
    • Renovation and improvement of PSC road Bridge of 2245 m length including replacement of damaged portion of Super structure, Sub Structure , Bearing , Surfacing, Road Marking, Bridge Lighting etc.