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1.     Matters related to Eastern Rivers of Indus System and BBMB

                i.  Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal – Works related to its implementation, court cases, meetings, funding and release of grants-in-aid.

                ii.  Water related issues among Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan – Restoration of 0.6 MAF of Rajasthan’s share of surplus Ravi Beas waters, Transfer of Control of Headworks at Ropar, Ferozepur and Harike, BML-Hansi Branch-Butana Branch Multipurpose Link channel, court cases thereof etc.

                iii.  Central Assistance for emergent counter protective works of rivers Ravi and Sutlej, works related to the Monitoring Committee thereof.

                iv.   Matters relating to the progress of Indira Gandhi Nahar Project, Indira Gandhi Nahar Board.

                v.    Matters relating to Bhakra Beas Management Board.

                vi.  Northern Zonal Council meetings relating to Indus Basin matters.

                vii.  Resettlement of Pong Dam oustees – High Level Committee and Sub-Committee meetings, interaction on related matters including court cases with Beas Construction Board and Ministry of Power.

                viii.  Matters of Thein (Ranjit Sagar) & Shahpurkandi Dams, relating to sharing of Ravi Beas waters.

 Matters related to implementation of RTI Act, 2005 on all the above.


2.     Matters related to Indus Waters Treaty 1960

                i.     Tours of inspection and meetings of Permanent Indus Commission.

                ii.    Work in connection with Secretary Level meeting with Pakistan for talks at Govt. level.

                iii.    Collection and Supply of daily Gauge & Discharge data of rivers to Pakistan.

                iv.    Supply of Irrigated Crop Area Statistics for the Western Rivers of Indus Basin for Kharif and Rabi seasons on District wise/ Tehsil wise to Pakistan.

                v.     Communication of Flood warning messages to Pakistan from 1st July to 10th of October on river Chenab, Jammu Tawi, Ravi, and Sutlej on request of Pakistan Commissioner received every year.

                vi.   Supply of Information of Hydro Electric (H.E.) & Storage Projects on Western Rivers as per Treaty, data collection from project authorities, analysis of consistency, review & supply.

                vii.  Dealing with issues raised on projects from Treaty angle from time to time. Currently active projects:

a.   Kishenganga H.E. Project.

b.   Ratle H.E. Project.

c.   Miyar Nallah H.E. Project.

d.   Lower Kalnai H.E. Project.

e.   Pakal Dul H.E. Project.

f.     Tulbul Navigation Project.

g.   Other Hydro-electric Projects for which information is supplied to Pakistan.

h.   River training works on river Ravi.

                viii.  Interaction with Pakistan Commissioner on matters related to implementation of Treaty; also with L&T, PAI Divisions of Ministry of External Affairs on these matters and policy issues.

                ix.    Clearance of projects of Indus Basin from Treaty angle.