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Finance Wing

[Wing Head: JS&FA]

  1. Divisional Head Director (Finance)
    1. Finance Desk
      • General Coordination on Financial matters of the Ministry
      • Scrutiny of all Plan schemes.
      • Scrutiny of all Financial Proposals.
      • Advise on all financial and allied matters referred by subject matter Divisions (SMDs)
      • Advise on sanction of cases for deputation to foreign countries and on foreign travel.
    •   Examination/ Compilation of Demand for Grants/ Budget Estimates/ Revised Estimates/ Supplementary Grants/ SBE;
    • Works related to Budget circular of Ministry of Finance;
    •   Final requirement of funds/ surrender of funds/ Co-ordination work related to Ministry of Finance, Appropriation accounts;
    •   Work of Parliamentary Standing Committee;
    •   Monitoring of expenditure on monthly basis;
    •   Examination of matters relating to re-appropriation of funds/ issuing of Re-appropriation orders;
    •  Preparation of saving notes/ ATNS;
    •   Preparation of Budget Estimates/ revised Estimates/ Revised Estimates of Loans to Govt. servants (HBA & Other Advances) of  MoWR.
  2. DIVISIONAL HEAD: Controller of Accounts
  3. Duties and Responsibilities of the Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Water Resources:

    • To advise and assist the Ministry of Water Resources on matters relating to Finance, Budget, Accounting, Expenditure Management, establishment matters and personal claims of the employees.
    • To administer the payments and accounting system through PAOs and DDOs of various departments in various units of the country, including pay and allowances, office contingencies, miscellaneous payments of admissible loans, advances to government servants etc.
    • Public expenditure management through compilation and consolidation of monthly and annual receipts and expenditure of the Ministry to the Controller General of Accounts (CGA).
    • To monitor expenditure progress.
    • To prepare Statement of Central Transactions, Appropriation Accounts, Union Finance Accounts and Receipts Budget and submit to O/o CGA, Ministry of Finance.
    • To prepare Accounts at a Glance for the year.
    • To exercise the power of the Head of the Department for the Accounting Organization and managing the cadre with reference to career counseling, training, transfer, promotion, leave, vigilance and disciplinary matters etc.
    • To provide general guidance to Internal Audit teams and liaison with the Ministry of Finance; and External Auditors, i.e. C&AG of India.
    • To maintain liaison with O/o CGA for banking structure and verify and reconcile all receipts and payments made on behalf of the Ministry through the banks.
    • To ensure prompt payment of grants in aid, loans and bill and monitoring of repayments and utilization certificates.
    • To ensure speedy settlement of pension and other retirement benefits, General Provident Fund and other personal claims cases.
    • To translate accounting information into useful MIS for appropriate management decisions.
    • To act as Appellate Authority for RTI cases in respect of Accounting Organization of the Ministry of Water Resources.
    • To monitor the Action Taken Note (ATNs) relating to all C & AG/PAC paras.