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B&B Wing

Wing Head:   Commissioner (B&B)

Brahmaputra and Barak (B&B) Wing deals with the subject matters of Brahmaputra Board and bilateral cooperation with China and Bhutan. The B& B Wing has two divisions-, viz.:

  1. Brahmaputra Board Division.
  2. North East Division.

1. Brahmaputra Board Division:

This division is dealing with following works:

  • Technical and financial matters related to the Brahmaputra Board except Flood Management Programme.
  • Release of grant-in aids to Brahmaputra Board under RBM Scheme.
  • Matter related to approval of Master Plans prepared by Brahmaputra Board.
  • Matters related to visits of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources, Committee on Assurances and Committee on Petitions to North East and follow up for issues raised therein.
  • Parliament matters related to Assurances and laying of annual report & audited accounts of Brahmaputra Board in both houses of Parliament.
  • Attending meetings of Parliamentary Standing Committee & Consultative Committee on Water Resources and follow up for issues raised therein.
  • Matters related to holding of High Power Review Board (HPRB) meetings of Brahmaputra Board and attending these meetings in addition to Board meetings of Brahmaputra Board.
  • Matter related to constitution of Technical Advisory Committee of Brahmaputra Board and undertaking visits and attending meetings of this Committee.
  • Follow up for Technical Appraisal & clearance of DPRs of various projects of Brahmaputra Board.
  • Coordination with Ministry of DoNER for various programmes/schemes for the North East Region.

2. North-East Division:

This division is dealing with following works:

  • International matters in the field of  water resources sector with China and Bhutan
  • Matters related to Hydro-Power Development in North Eastern Region, Clearance of Detailed Project Reports from International angle.
  • General Matters of North East
  • Parliament matters related with above works.