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North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management (NERIWALM)

The North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management (NERIWALM) is a registered society established on 23rd December, 1989 at Tezpur, Assam, India under the aegis of North Eastern Council (NEC), Shillong, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Government of India. A historic MoU was entered upon by the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Government of India with the NEC and the DoNER ministry on 01 June, 2012 in New Delhi by which NERIWALM is taken over by the MoWR w.e.f. 1st April, 2012 as a capacity building institution in the field of water and land management for Irrigation and Agriculture development.

The main objects/tasks for which the Institute is established are:

  1. With a view to promoting advancement of science and acquisition of scientific knowledge to provide instruction / and training in all branches of science, both theoretical and applied, and in particular in Water and Land Management  for Irrigation and Agriculture.
  2. To establish an institute for imparting instructions and training to farmers, members of Water Users’ Associations and conducting research in Water and Land Management for Irrigation and Agriculture.
  3. To provide consultancy service to the Government, Local Bodies and other organizations in Water and Land Management    for Irrigation and Agriculture.
  4. To undertake research and conduct experiments in various aspects of Water and Land Management   and to collaborate with other organizations for research and Development.
  5. To organize, outreach activities like training and capacity building of farmers or members and functionaries of Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) with a view to enhancing their technological and managerial capabilities and ensuring their active and effective participation in the development and management of water distribution network in their jurisdiction.
  6. To set up field centres at key locations to facilitate better coordination with the North Eastern States and to support the outreach activities relating to land and water management.
  7. To network with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) /private partners(PP) with a view to carrying out outreach activities effectively at the grass root level.


Empowering the human resources of the NE states and Sikkim through Capacity Building targeting food security of the region by improving productivity through technology driven agriculture and effective utilization of water through scientific water management systems for agriculture ensuring both production and environment sustainability.


To empower the human resources on agricultural water management to preposition the region to combat the emerging challenges in agriculture and ensure productivity increase in agri, horti, fish crops on the face of shrinking/fragmented land holdings, ailing soil health, diminishing water resources and increased human population ensuring effective use of the water and soil resources in scientific, equitable and sustainable manner.

To take up all such activities that will help in better implementation of programmes and projects relating to water and land management of both Central and State Governments.