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Narmada Control Authority

The Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal, constituted to adjudicate upon the water dispute pertaining to River Narmada, in its final order provided for the setting up of a machinery for implementing its directions and decisions. Accordingly, the Central Government framed the Narmada Water Scheme, inter-alia, constituting the Narmada Control Authority to give effect to the decisions of the Tribunal. The main functions of the Authority are:-

Overall co-ordination and direction of the implementation of all the projects in Narmada Basin including the engineering works, the environmental protection measures and the rehabilitation programme and to ensure the faithful compliance of the terms and conditions stipulated by the Central Government at the time of clearance of the aforesaid projects.

  • To do any or all things necessary, sufficient and expedient for the implementation of the Order of the Tribunal with respect to:-
  • the storage, apportionment, regulation and control of the Narmada Waters.
  • sharing of power benefits from Sardar Sarovar Project.
  • regulated releases by Madhya Pradesh.
  • acquisition by the concerned States for Sardar Sarovar Project of lands and properties likely to be submerged under Sardar Sarovar.
  • compensation and rehabilitation and resettlement of oustees.
  • sharing of costs.