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Nodal Section: External Assistance Section

A brief status of ongoing projects assisted by the World Bank is given below:

1. Madhya Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project [Credit No. 4750 - IN (IBRD)]

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department

Components: The main components of the project are (i) Water Resources Management - Institutions and Instruments, (ii) Service Delivery Irrigation & Drainage Institutions, (iii) Improving Productivity of selected existing Irrigation & drainage assets in six basins, and (iv) Project Management. The Project consists of total 654 sub-projects, 6 Major, 33 Medium and 615 Minor. The total estimated cost of the project is US $ 412.5 Million, out of which World Bank external assistance is US $ 387.40 Million. The project was started in November, 2004 and is scheduled to be closed in June 2015. An amount of US$ 318.37 Million has been disbursed upto 31.03.2015.

Irrigation Impacts: Against the Project Target for bridging irrigation gap of 2,42,300 ha, the achievement is 2,57,200 ha. Rabi irrigation delivery under the project rose from 1,50,329 ha in 2009-10 to 5,10,112 ha in 2012-13.

2. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Water Sector Improvement Project (APTWSIP) [Credit No. 7897 IN (IBRD)] 

Nodal Department: Irrigation and CAD Department

Objectives: The objective of the project is to strengthen State’s Institutional Capacity for multi-sectoral planning, development and management of water resources to improve the irrigation service delivery on a sustainable basis to increase productivity of irrigated agriculture in the Nagarjuna Sagar Scheme command.

Components:  The main components of the project are: (i) water sector institutional restructuring and capacity building, (ii) improving irrigation service delivery in Nagarjuna Sagar Scheme, (iii) Irrigated Agriculture Intensification and Diversification; and (iv) project management. The project was started in August 2010 and the closing date is July 2018. The total project cost is US $ 988.97 Million and the World Bank assistance is US $ 450.60 million (IBRD). An amount of US$ 142.50 million has been disbursed upto 31.03.2015. 

3. Odisha Community Tank Management Project [Credit No. 7576 IN (IBRD) & 4499 IN (IDA)]

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department

Objectives:   The objective of the Project is to improve agricultural productivity and strengthen Water User Associations (WUAs) to manage tank systems effectively.

Components:   The main components of the project are (i) institutional strengthening, (ii) tank system improvements, (iii) to provide agricultural livelihoods support services and, (iv) project management. The project was started in January 2009 and closing date is June 2016. The project cost is US $ 87.80 million, out of which World Bank loan assistance under IBRD component and IDA component are US $ 38.47 million and XDR 16.98 million respectively. The cumulative disbursement upto 31.03.2015 is US $ 13.70 Million and XDR $ 8.91 Million under IBRD and IDA components respectively.

4. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Community Based Tank Management Project [Credit No. 4857 -IN (IBRD) and 4291-IN (IDA)]

Nodal Department: Irrigation and CAD Department 

Objectives:  The objective of the project is to improve minor irrigation system, agriculture livelihood support services and project management including institutional strengthening.

Components:   The main components of the project are: (i) Institutional Strengthening, (ii) Minor Irrigation Systems Improvements, (iii) Agricultural Livelihoods Support Services, and (iv) Project Management, which will support the management, coordination, monitoring, learning and evaluation efforts related to the project. The project was started in June 2007 and the closing date is July 2016. The total project cost is US$ 217.80 million, out of which the World Bank assistance under IBRD component and IDA component is US$ 87 million and XDR 58.14 million respectively. An amount of US$ 67.00 million under IBRD component and XDR 43.40 million under IDA component has been made upto 31.03.2015.

5. Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies Restoration and Management Project [Credit No. - 4846 IN (IBRD) and 4255- IN (IDA)]

Nodal Department: Irrigation and Public Works Department

Objectives: The development objective of the Project is to increase the productivity of irrigated agriculture for sub-basin stakeholders in a sustainable water resource management framework.

Components:  The main components of the project are: (i) Irrigation Systems Modernization in a sub-basin framework (i.e. rehabilitation of about 5261 tanks with Culturable Command Area (CCA) of about 4 lakh hectare); (ii) Agricultural intensification and diversification; (iii) Institutional Modernization for Irrigated Agriculture; and (iv) Water Resources Management. The project was started in February 2007 and closing date is June 2015. The total estimated cost of the project is US$ 566 Million, out of which the World Bank assistance is US$ 485.00 million. An amount of US$ 422 million under IBRD & IDA has been disbursed upto 31.03.2015.

6.  West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project [Credit No. 8090 - IN (IBRD) and 5014 IN (IDA)]

Nodal Department: Water Resources Investigation and Development Department

Objectives: The project aims to accelerate agricultural productivity in areas that currently are cultivated under rain-fed conditions. The project will support the development of about 4,660 minor irrigation schemes throughout 18 Districts of the State. The total command area to be brought under irrigation is about 1.39 lakh hectare. The total cost of the project is Rs.1143.00 crore. The World Bank loan assistance is US$ 250 million which includes US$ 125.00 million and XDR 78.20 million (equivalent to US$ 116.40 million) under IBRD & IDA respectively. The project was started in December 2011 and closing date is December 2017. As on 31.3.2015, an amount of US$ 1.22 million (IBRD) and XDR 9.31 million (IDA) has been disbursed.

7. Dam Rehabilitation & Improvement Project (DRIP) [Credit No.7943-IN (IBRD) & Credit No.4787-IN (IDA)]

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department of the States, State Electricity Boards of Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Objectives: Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) has been taken up with the assistance of World Bank at an estimated cost of Rs..2100.00 crore. About 223 large darns in four States i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala and Tamil Nadu would be rehabilitated under this project. Five more States/Organisation (namely Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited and Damodar Valley Corporation) have also been identified to join DRIP at a later stage, for which a provision of unallocated resources had been provided in the project estimate.

The State-wise numbers of dams covered under DRIP and the estimate of the project cost is summarized below:
State No. of large dams No. of DRIP dams Project Cost (Rs. cr)
Kerala 54 31 279.98
Orissa 163 38 147.74
Madhya Pradesh 906 50 314.54
Tamil Nadu 108 104 745.49
CWC 132.00
Unallocated Resources 480.24
Total 223 2100.00

Out of the total project cost, 80% will be funded by the World Bank loan/credit, while 20% will be borne by the respective State Governments and Central Water Commission. Apart from structural and non-structural measures for rehabilitation and improvement of identified dams, the scope of project includes the development of appropriate institutional mechanisms for safe operation and maintenance of all large dams in participating States. In addition, strengthening of the institutional set-up for national level dam safety surveillance and guidance would be taken up in Central Water Commission.

The project implementation agencies for DRIP are the Water Resources Departments (WRD) of the four participating States and State Electricity Boards of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The overall implementation of the project would be coordinated by Central Water Commission. The revised Loan Amount for DRIP Project is US $ 139.65 million (IBRD) and US $ 93.02 million (IDA). An amount of US $ 0.44 million (IBRD) and XDR 9.08 million (IDA) has been made till 31.03.2015.

8. Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project, Phase II [Credit No. 5298 IN)]

Nodal Department: Department of Irrigation

Objectives:   The development objective of the Project is to (a) strengthen the institutional and policy framework for integrated water resources management for the entire State; and (b) increase agricultural productivity and water productivity by supporting farmers in targeted irrigation areas. 

Components:  The six components of the project are: (A) Strengthening of State-Level Water Institutions and Inter Sector Coordination; (B)  Modernization and Rehabilitation of Irrigation and Drainage  System; (C) Consolidation and Enhancement of Irrigation Institution Reforms; (D) Enhancing Agriculture Productivity and On-Farm Water Management; (E) Feasibility Studies and Preparation Activities for the Next Phase; and (F) Project Coordination and Monitoring.

The loan agreement was signed on 24.10.2013 and the terminal date of disbursement is 31.10.2020. The total project cost is US $ 515 million out of which the World Bank assistance is XDR 239.40 million (equivalent to US $ 360 million). Till 31.03.2015, disbursement of US$ 17.24 Million has been made.

(B)     Modernization and Rehabilitation of irrigation systems: Rehabilitation and Modernization works have commenced in two major irrigation systems on Parallel Lower Ganga Canal and in Bundelkhand area. 95% of the works have been completed in the Lower Ganga Canal System. In the Bundelkhand area, though the contract was already signed, not much progress is made to date. As for the civil works on the Haidergarh Branch, competitive bidding is going on and bid opening is scheduled on 12.6.2014.