Monitoring of AIBP Projects

A comprehensive physical and financial periodical monitoring of major / medium projects is being carried out by Central Water Commission with emphasis on quality control. The monitoring mechanism is being further strengthened to achieve better results. The release of subsequent instalments of grant is based on physical and financial progress of the work. The latest technique such as Remote Sensing is also being used by the Government of India to confirm irrigation potential reported to have been created by the State Governments under AIBP. Monitoring of the minor irrigation (MI) schemes is being done by the State Government. These schemes would also be monitored periodically on sample basis by Central Water Commission. During XII Plan, concurrent evaluation has also been introduced as a condition for release of central assistance in subsequent years.

Further, for 99 prioritized projects, online monitoring as well physical monitoring at various levels including third party monitoring has been initiated for ensuring completion of these projects as planned.  Dashboard for monitoring of progress of these projects has also been developed.

Last Updated on:12/04/2017
Last Updated By :NIC