The India-Nepal Cooperation

1.0      Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project:

India and Nepal had signed a Treaty known as Mahakali Treaty in February’1996. Implementation of Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project is the centerpiece of the Mahakali Treaty. Required field investigations for the Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project have been completed by a Joint Project Office (JPO-PI) in 2002 (except for some confirmatory tests). But mutually acceptable DPR of Pancheshwar Project could not be finalized due to differences on certain contentious issues.

During the 3rd meeting of Joint Committee on Water Resources (JCWR) held from 29.09.08 to 01-10-08 at Kathmandu (Nepal), it was decided to set up Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA) at the earliest for the development, execution and operation of Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project. 

The constitution of PDA has been notified vide this Ministry’s Office Memorandum No. Z-14012/2/2013-Ganga/2302-14 dated 7th August 2014. For this, see link Notification.

Detailed Project Report of Pancheshwar multipurpose Project- The draft final DPR of the project has been submitted in November 2016.

2.0     SaptaKosi High Dam Project and SUN Kosi storage cum diversion scheme.

After exchange of letter of Understanding between the two Governments in June’ 2004, a Joint Project Office (JPO) was set up in August’ 2004 to undertake detailed field investigations for preparation of DPR of SaptaKosi High Dam Project at Barakshetra, in Nepal.  The field investigations include the field works of Sunkosi diversion scheme (constructing a dam at Kurule so that the Sunkosi water could be diverted to the Kamla basin through a tunnel) in the scope of work of JPO.   In Kamla basin, a dam coupled with a barrage was envisaged and included in the scope of study by the JPO.  Because of political instability and frequent strikes/ bandhs in Nepal, the field investigations at SaptaKosi High Dam sites have been delayed.

The tenure of JPO-SKSKI has been extended upto February, 2017 to complete field investigation and preparation of DPR.

3.0      Kamla and Bagmati Multipurpose Projects

The JPO-SKSKI has also been entrusted to undertake the feasibility study of Kamla Dam and preliminary study of Bagmati Dam Projects. These studies are in progress.

4.0    Karnali Multipurpose Project and its present status

At present, there is no exchange of views between the two sides.


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