Central Soil and Materials Research Station New Delhi

CSMRS deals with field and laboratory investigations, basic and applied research on problems in geo-mechanics, concrete technology, construction materials and associated environmental issues, having direct bearing on the development of irrigation and power in the country and functions as an adviser and consultant in the above fields to various projects and organizations in India and abroad. Broadly, the sphere of activities encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering including Soil Dynamics, Geo-textiles and Rockfill Technology.
  • Rock Mechanics including instrumentation, Engineering Geophysics, Drilling Technology for sub-surface characterisation and
  • Construction Materials and Concrete Technology including Chemistry of soils/concrete and Grout Technology.

CSMRS has executed successfully a number of United Nations Development Projects and as such upgraded its testing facilities at par with developing countries by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and by training its engineer and scientists abroad under various United Nations Programmes.

Proud of its past performances and knowing its future responsibilities, CSMRS has a team of 150 dedicated engineers and scientists, many of them have been trained abroad in addition to a very strong supporting group of about 300 in numbers. CSMRS can take up any challenging investigation work in respect of dams, bridges, multi-storey buildings, nuclear and thermal power stations besides safety evaluation of existing hydraulic and other civil engineering projects.

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